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On my anchor system (playing 20 three spots, each card combined to one 2 spot creating 20 5 spots), I have hit 30,40,50 5s in a short period of time many times with my my and I hitting over 75 in one two hour session once.So I was getting money from the machines, but was obviously putting too much back.

How to Win Keno. Keno is a casino. On a video machine, you’ll select these numbers and they will be locked in. If you are playing Keno in Las Vegas,.He had a friend who worked in the casino as a slot tech and after hearing my friends hard luck story went over to a keno machine, opened it up when no one was around, fiddled with it for a minute or so, closed it up and told him to play nine numbers.

Then I start putting some of these results in the 20 cards building up the 20 with some overlap and also in regard to the number of spots.

I did not put anymore money into the Machine for the whole time I played.This can take up to 13 hours and cost a lot of money even if you start with one coin on a single screen.After testing the 20 card smart charts last time, I went to Reno to play more multi card keno.I only wish that good paytables were more readily available around the country for those that use them.It is similar to a 4 card pattern but with 20 layered 5 spots.

As I mentioned in my post the last time I went, it is important to have a reasonable amount of bankroll to start.In response to your question, if I understand it, I never bet a single card if I play four card keno or the 20 card version.Have been relatively successful (ie: lucky) for no apparent reason.Reviews on Keno in Las Vegas, NV, United States - Cafe Bellagio, Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery, Lobby Bar, Jackson's Bar & Grill, Hash House A Go Go, Rusty.

Otherwise play the amount or denomination that is within your budget.25-cent video keno machines have been tested at random at various casinos with a hotel. See what return you would get playing Keno in Las Vegas.My question is, is it ok to plug in base numbers from all 4 quadrants into( 1) 6 spot game then keep most of the same base numbers, but change a fewfor an overlapping 7 spot.You would thing that it is easier to hit this way or keep going, but TMG is SO true on 3s and 4s.Want to know the 5 best video keno in casinos Las Vegas? What is one of the oldest games still played in modern casinos? It is keno, but the days of sitting in a.Play free Keno with a $1000 fun balance at Slots of Vegas. Learn how to play Keno free of charge, and switch to real money to win cash prizes.

Modern-day Vegas casinos are renowned around the globe for their. Brief History of Las Vegas. In addition to 1,900 gaming machines and more than 170.I would suggest that you switch to 5 and 6 spots for most of your games until you accumulate some winnings.Also, if you stick to your quadrant, the slump that you just experienced could flip and become a streak.Not much to lose but so much to gain as the other comments here show.That has been one of the toughest things for me to deal with, and I am certain that it is one of the same things that others have encountered.

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Playing the quadrants is a good way to understand the concept of the randomness of the game but certainly not the only way to play.It took just over an hour to pull 48 wins of 6 out 7 with photographic proof.

I priced it cheap so that everybody that wants to use it can give it a shot.Also thank you for very good patterns that have potential to be explosive.Gambling is risky business and I make it very clear that using these charts does not effect the odds of the game.

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Video Poker and Blackjack were the only games that would give me a fighting chance in the casino.Only play 5, 6, 7, or 8 spots, and make sure your combinations are well balanced.Ten spot Keno is the most typical Keno game. What are the true odds, probabilities and house edge when playing Keno in the long run?.If casinos paid true odds on keno,. just bankrupt Las Vegas;. far more slowly than a hand of blackjack or a round of slot machine play. With keno,.Having said that, the Random Number Generator can sometimes go your way and you could experience a rally of solid hits.Left Video Poker for good a couple of years ago and have been playing nothing but 7-spots, rotating between 9 and 12 numbers.Fortunately they have penny multi-card keno there in the off strip venues like the Boulder strip etc.Fiesta Rancho's Las Vegas Casino features over. bingo, traditional table games, keno or. More than 1000 slot and video poker machines; 13 gaming.When you make a small change the machine will often reward you.

I spent over a thousand dollars on the chart system and the most numbers i hit were 5 out of seven.My only strategy was spreading out my numbers from low to high throughout the 80 numbers.I personally know a pit boss of 30 years who was having a run of bad luck and badly needed money.

So my strategy is to spread my numbers out over the 80 numbers from low to high.I am a Jacks or Better video poker player and have never played Keno.Two weeks ago, one of the regulars, after hitting one of my 7 spots with several 6 spots, (play only 20 card keno- 1c) left angrily stating that he was 100 % sure I was employed by the casino to show others that it was possible to win.If you plan to play 60, 80 cents or 2cent or 5 cent denomination you should bring enough to weather the streaks.I play 7 numberso and wounderstanding love to try your system.. Lotteries by playing Keno, not by beating the odds,. slot manufacturers or by machines networked and. 4 card Keno machine while vacationing in Las Vegas.I am clueless when it comes to numbers, so I just copied yours.

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