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Crude as it was, it was still far ahead of where consular operations had been - looking up names in a big book.Entourage Entourage held back by vice unit erroneously Entourage part: Abbr.It was clear that there were ringers being smuggled in, intermingled with the bona fide folks, many of whom had already had two or three visas previously.The numbers of head on collisions you saw every day was appalling.LEININGER: This is where we had to undertake major educational efforts.There was one other person in that category with me, Pat Kennedy.

That, over a period of a decade, would give you a pretty good base.

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LEININGER: Anyway I wanted to tell that story because it pulls a lot of things together.Now that meant that under the rules in effect at the time, I would have been out of the Foreign Service within six years, since hardly anyone ever gets that final promotion to CM, Career Minister.Least of all should we have been changing the definitions of multifunctionality to suit the aims of a given bureau.Your first year you lie fallow, and the next year I was eligible again and I got promoted to MC.That means that, for instance, in times of relatively depleted rates of attrition from the Foreign Service, because the outside economy is awful, for instance, you could have fewer people resigning voluntarily.Now on the opposite side of the house, I want to mention a guy named Julian Barkley.One DAS, oversaw RMA and special projects such as WCAS compliance.

Now by this time I had run to the point of the peninsula, and the third guy cut across and intercepted me as I came up the opposite side.That will drive up the overall numerical average to say 32-33.Not just the ones who had been resident in the Embassy, but all their extended families, too.

LEININGER: Congressional liaison functions for HR, nothing outside of HR.Expert on bugs Expert on marks to assume kingdom Expert on plays Expert on spars and stars Expert on the nervous system Expert on the rules Expert press writing Expert pursuing soldiers in danger Expert server Expert swimmer, male, adapted proper, genuine clothing Expert takes in officer with time.LEININGER: Oh, Michael, me lad, you know the scant number of times we identify people for assignments in the Foreign Service, and it when it happens it very rarely if ever comes down to putting people into functional areas for which they are ill-trained and in which they would be a disaster waiting to happen.People trying to look up a name in a dog-eared copy of the yellow lookout book, physical book, or a ratty microfiche.He and every other consular or administrative officer at a post were staff officers.I mean it was paradise, and I mean that sincerely, after Moscow.They were not given formal work permits, but they were, as almost any developed country has, an under-population of folks who were willing and able to do the work that no one else wants to do.

I could only stay three years in Hong Kong followed by three years someplace else.After about half a mile he fell back and then the second came at me.Would dual nationals, Hong Kong-American dual nationalas I said we probably had ten or eleven thousand of thewould they be allowed to move in and out of the region using American passports, or would they be forced to use Hong Kong documents.People who had been in Hong Kong for seven years or less got the certificate of identity.

Now, ostensibly, she was to go to Israel, because this is where religious dissidents were allowed to go.We all chuckled, because at that point we were well into our third month of 100 degree temperatures.That is neither here nor there, but anyway it illustrates that this was not an adversarial relationship with the press.In fact, every time we had a visit from the Secretary of State or a major administration official, human rights in general and or the Pentecostals in particular were always up there as number one or two on their agendas, every single time.I think it was a learning experience, and eye-opener for these foreign diplomats.Q: This is performance evaluation, which organizes the promotion panels and so forth.Bicycles, motorcycles, three-wheeled motorized cabs, everything.Oh, the other major worldwide trauma that beset consular sections during this period of time was the imposition of the machine readable visa application fee.Gave us certain general categories. U.S. domestic interests and issues having to deal with drugs, AIDS, the economic effects of globalization.

If you got somebody good into your desk job in Washington and they did a bang up job for you, then you could get them that chief of section position in Tokyo or in Bonn or where ever they wanted.Q: Do you think that it is because, I mean I had a theory for a long time that for military people resources are always a substantive question.

Our son, because of my job, was something of an exception in that regard.Elephant flappers Elephant gone amok Elephant grass, e.g. Elephant group Elephant group.All the local power positions in the infrastructure had long since gone over to HongKongpeople, the newspapers, the Chamber of Commerce, even the jockey cluall were HongKongpeople.I think within the first year, we must have had three dozen delegations from foreign embassies in Washington come visit, to study our methodology.In those days, Soviet computers were still in a primitive stage compared to those in the West, but they were still the latest in the USSR.Promotion panels could discern no perceptible MFL elements in the EERs of officers in those jobs, and the negative feedback along those lines began to taint the program and led to questions about its standards.We were seeing people declaim on street corners in favor of, or against this change, handing out leaflets and so forth.So I told the seaman that I congratulated him and that he was free to enter the U.S. and stay there as long as he wanted, and I wished him well.

The low people on the totem pole were the recently arrived Soviet Jews.Many times divided families were used as that rationale, to get to the Baltic republics, for instance.Because of the seriousness of what it is we do, which has become ever more apparent in the post 9-11 era.In San Diego, we visited the submarine naval base there, and the Seabee facility.

Their time in class was vastly in excess of the average exam officer.Even empty fragments of rock change direction for print worker Even finish Even gossip is flattery Even I will abandon European shrink Even if Even if, briefly Even if, casually Even if, familiarly Even if, for short Even if, informally Even if, succinctly Even less friendly company once meeting Queen Even less than wholesale Even more 9 Even more certain: Lat.Commerce sort of cherry picks where it puts its commercial officers, in places of great commercial interest to us.

PD, public diplomacy was one of them, and I think even econ at the 0-2 level, oddly.We had only three to five Americans in jail at a given time, usually for dope.Should we not maybe divide it up into enforcement and services branches.It was a great place to work, but it was also a great place to live in, in general.

There were no senior level positions available, by happenstance, within CA.So, by the time we came along, there was not a spare one to be had.Well we were fighting all those issues, not the least of which was career advancement.First though, I had to attend Dutch language training, although as we know the Dutch speak several languages - French, English, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

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