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Anything higher than this and you should be looking to move up to a higher stake level.Use our free poker HUD to read your opponents and increase your profits. VPIP, PFR and AFq. easyPokerHUD stores all stats permanently.Here these three players obviously are VPIPing because they all limped into the pot, but the big blind had no choice as his was a forced bet and part of the game.POKER STATS: VPIP. VPIP is a basic statistic that appears in Heads-Up Display software that illustrates in percentage form the amount of time you make raises or calls.

PokerTracker is an online poker software tool to track player statistics with hand history analysis and a real time HUD to display poker player statistics directly on.Poker HUDs are great for online play,. Using A HUD For Live Poker. 6. 3. Small sample sizes give you an idea of stats like VPIP and PFR.How to Interpret Your Opponent’s Poker Stats. to draw conclusions from the VPIP and PFR stats,. your growth as a poker player. Stats are just one tool in a.

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Poker HUD (Heads Up Displays) Stats for. For example if a player has VPIP of 100 and a PFR of 10 we can see that they are playing every hand and can assume.If they have a low 3B and have a high FvST then raising with the intention to win the hand by the other playing folding is more appealing.Here are the numbers for good poker HUD stats. What Are The Best Poker HUD Stats?. Good HUD Stats for 6max Poker VPIP - 20 PFR - 17 AF - 3.There are around 300 different statistics used in online poker,. to see certain statistics on each street. Jivaro Premium now comes with a panel that. (VPIP.

An in-depth look at the basic definitions of stats that many. Guide to HUD Stat Configurations and Definitions. Please check out our poker articles.Everyone has different stats as everyone takes a different approach to different hands.

A selection of the most valuable statistics directly on the poker table and. 4 reviews for Six-Max Cash HUD Free Trial. is a collabration.We can deduce from this stat how likely a player will reach showdown with a strong holding.You arent supposed to use the same stats for 6max or. You need to split it up into BB VPIP and Button. holdem manager stats, holdem stats, poker stats.In this VPIP & PFR video I cover the following: • What is VPIP and PFR • How to interpret these poker HUD stat %'s • Understanding which poker hands.So that loose tight scale I mentioned before is actually the ground-breaking work of a famous doctor of philosophy who actually players poker too.We can begin to target players who have a high FvCBET by Cbetting with a higher frequency.Crush Micro Stakes Online Poker: The Complete Mastery Guide. Crush Micro Stakes Online Poker: The Complete Mastery. and post-flop HUD stats that all poker.

These statistics are VPIP/PFR/AF and number of hands. Hence I know that I have 1,700 hands for TracyTheNuts within my database. Poker HUD stats.

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← Como reconhecer stats tracker bom e mau poker?. aici pasivitate. În cazul în care VPIP este mai. invit la a face prea mult loc de adversarul tau cu.We can therefore begin to play back against players who CBET a higher frequency and less against those who CBET with a lower frequency.

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We can deduce from this stat how likely someone is raising with a weak holding trying to win the blinds.

Poker PFR. By Greg Walker. Poker Stats: VPIP: PFR: Std Dev: The Red Line. PFR is equally as important as VPIP. In this article I will cover the PFR stat in the same.In this first post I will cover three of the most basic poker stats, total hands, VPIP and PFR. Why is using tracking software and a HUD important?.Overview of the FreePokerDB (FPDB),. the many online poker players not using a. sorted by buy-in level and gives a bevy of standard statistics like VPIP,.Its easy, simply register with one of the rooms below and add your username to your PokerVIP account.We can deduce from this stat how wide of a range a player is raising and use this in correlation to how often they are playing a hand.

Jivaro Statistics; Jivaro User Guide;. Some poker players which play on multiple tables at the same time. Contains the core statistics on each player: VPIP,.So the big-blind got a look at the flop without having to put anything else in.

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We can adjust our bet sizing and go for thinner value v players with a high WTSD stat when making river value bets.We can deduce from this stat how wide a players range is and therefore the likely strength of their hand.

The actual counting of a VPIP action needs to be clarified though because a player can actually be in a hand, and not be VPIP.Therefore, when facing a raise from this opponent we should be aware that he has a particularly strong holding.Use this little Poker Bankroll Management app. High Stakes Poker All Seasons Statistics High Stakes Poker is. Visualize statistics like total tally, Vpip,.If he decides to fold pre-flop, then he does not add to his VPIP percentage.

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The Silver subscription includes the SharkScope statistics but not the hand tracker statistics. SharkScope Desktop User Guide. Why am I not seeing VPiP,.PocketFives Poker Forums. Poker Forums Last Post. Poker Community. Forum Statistics: Threads: 4,270;. PocketFives Statistics. Threads 560,866 Posts 8,650,931...For example if a player has VPIP of 100 and a PFR of 10 we can see that they are playing every hand and can assume they will raise the top 10% of hands.

Poker stats can seem confusing at first, but with a little background you'll see they're actually quite simple.'s strategy expert explains seven key.Poker HUD Stat Sample Sizes Explained. Poker HUD Stats and Sample Size Needed Number of Hands. Preflop HUD Stats VPIP.

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